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Re-Use Grocery Bags!

You already have FREE plastic bags. Now you can reuse those bags to save money and save the environment! Perfect for use in the kitchen under the cabinet -- or ANYWHERE!

Portable & Durable

Bagsavr+ is perfect for portable or permanent outdoor use too! Perfect for the garden, pool area, cottage, boat, RV, workshop and more! Free-standing or can hang anywhere with our handy bracket.

Perfect for Pet-Owners Too!

Whether you use Bagsavr+ for pet food, kitty litter, or as a handy outdoor pooper-scooper receptacle, Bagsavr+ is man's second-best friend!

Proven - Recycle bin and Trash container designed to perfectly fit and store your favorite store’s grocery bags; or use it without bags

Buy One, Get One Free!

undersink-150x150Up to 100 billion FREE plastic bags are given out every year in the USA. If you are like most people, you already have bags stuffed in a closet or a drawer in your kitchen. Now you can reuse those bags in every room of your house saving money and helping the environment through re-use.

Workbench-150x150BagSavr+ patent-pending design is the first ergonomically designed bag storage and re-use system made to perfectly fit your free plastic grocery bags and features a built-in pocket which stores up to 10 bags right where you need them. The locking system with tuck groves keep your bags in place and prevent bag gapping.

The BagSavr+™ can hang anywhere with it’s handy Hanger Bracket, or serve stand-alone duty in any corner. The “take anywhere” handle makes it ideal for portable cleanups or use in the cabin, boat or camper. There are 100 Billion reasons to save money and save bags with BagSavr+™ … 

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Recycling is good and Re-Use is even better!  Join us to start a Re-Use Revolution!

Did you know that over 90% of Americans already ReUse those bags for various purposes AND that over 60% of Americans already ReUse them for garbage? BagSavr+ makes it easy and convenient!

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